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Editing Of Your Corporate Headshot Matters



We've all heard that we should have our headshot taken professionally. I think most of us would agree. It is a good idea. A well captured headshot shows you're taking your career serious and invokes professionalism. However, consider how your headshots is edited if edited at all. How do you want your headshot to appear when someone looks at YOU on their computer monitor via social media, company website or conference presentation? My guess is you want to look your best, Right? Right... You don't want pimples on your face, blotchy skin tone or bags under your eyes. Lets be honest... That just wouldn't be portraying the best of you. I strongly recommend you don't compromise your image. Your headshot should look professional, intelligent, confident and friendly. In my opinion, the right editing process can and most often times improve an image. The right editor will produce a clean, crisp, rejuvenated image that looks like you. When looking for a photographer for your next headshot, remember editing does matters very much. Time is precious. Don't waste your time or money. Get yourself a skilled photographer and editor to take your headshot image and your results will likely be quality.

Tampa Headshots has much experience shooting headshots for individuals and large corporations, plus 20 years experience editing images. Over the years, this experience has allowed us to develop a process that is favorable to our customers. If you are form the Tampa bay area or surrounding cities, Sarasota, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, etc, consider using us for your next headshot/s.

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See some samples of before and after headshots below.


Before After




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