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In all my time as a headshot photographer I have never taken a headshot of a person that has a perfect face or skin. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone is perfectly unique as individuals and that's a beautiful thing, but what I mean is, we all have some type of flaw on our face like, pimples, blemishes, age spots, scars, lazy eyes, wrinkles, moles etc. Things that sometimes we wish we didn't have to display in our photos for others to see. If anyone reading this blog is reluctant to have their headshots taken for reasons mentioned above or other. I want to let you know that all the things mentioned can be remedied. With over 20 years of experience editing images, I've picked up a many tricks and editing skills that help diminish or eliminate many types of "flaws".
Recently, I took a headshot of a guy that had reconstructive surgery. Half or part his face lost the ability to move. Obviously, taking a picture while smiling looked very odd. Half his face smiled and the other half was serious. You can understand why a person like him wouldn't want his headshot taken. So he sought me out to help him with this problem on his headshot. Let me just say up front, this dude is a great guy, funny, confident, determined, very freindly and when I first met him I couldn't even tell he had this issue. It was when he smiled that it was a bit noticeable. It was my extreme pleasure to help him with his headshot. Image of him posted to the right.
I also added a few images below of common issues so you can see what is possible. In conclusion, I want to incourage you to not let small "flaws" or big ones stop you from having your headshot taken if you need one. Just make sure that your photographer has good experience in editing and can adjust according to your situation. At Tampa Headshots giving our customers great quaility headshots is what fuels us. I love seeing the joy and contentment along with hearing the gratitude extended to us because MY CUSTOMERS LOVE THEIR HEADSHOTS.


Red race


Red in face removed


Red face

No jacket & tie


Red dimished

Jacket & tie added



Lazy eye on right



Lazy eye adjusted

Chin more defined

Neck slimmed



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