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Why You Need A New Profile Picture


Are you in the process of restructuring your business? or looking for growth? Appearance is everything! Therefore, updating your website profile as well as your social media is a crucial component. Part of your website or social profile is your picture and your profile picture may not be conveying what you need it too. Maybe your employees/company staff photos also need to be revamped. It's why we're advising you on why you want to have the best profile picture as well as gain consistency of your images throughout your business website, social media, plus marketing materials. 

Your photo must lead the viewer into a sense of trust, integrity and professionalism. Not to forget, confidence and people friendliness. All of which you want to convey to the viewer, immediately! The same applies to the rest of your colleagues' images. When you ensure that everyone is groomed well, in the same manner and dressed in the proper attire will speak volumes about your business overall in a positive way. 

Take a look at examples of how the right profile pictures can look and how they carry image consistency throughout. All faces display in the same size or relatively close. The backgrounds, are the same in every category. The law firm backgrounds are grey, the physician's are blue and the financial institution's are a warm brown. The clothing for the law firm and financial institution is business attire and physicians all have a white lab coats. The only exception is the the real-estate example. The consistency is shown in that they are all outdoor images with greenery in the background and they all have teal in their clothing to bring the images together.

We recommend that you review your website images for consistency and that they convey confidence and friendliness etc. If you find that you lack in some of these areas, consider updating for a more organized look. Fill out the form in the home page and we will contact you to schedule your headshot photo session. 


Law Firm Sample


Physician Sample


Financial Institution Sample


Real-Estate Sample 

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