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7 Reasons Why Headshots Are Used In the Medical Industry

The usage of professional headshots in the Medical Industry is more important than you can imagine. Not only do these headshots serve as a visual confirmation of professionalism, but they're also inescapable.

The great necessity of Medical headshots is widespread throughout the industry and medical personnel requires the headshots for several reasons.

  1. Medical Business Cards Headshots

Headshots are widely used for medical business cards as one of the crucial elements. Medical business cards come with straightforward details such as medical specialty, contact information, and workplace.

Headshots are used to complete the business cards, therefore providing all the essential info to patients and clients. They help people connect the expertise details and faces of doctors and medical staff.

  1. ID Card Headshots

Medical ID cards have important roles in the industry. They're both significant for medical personnel and patients.

These cards feature simplicity of details as medical staff wear them during their routines. Headshots on ID cards help patients find the medical staff they require. In a sense, they also enable better communication between doctors, surgeons, and medical personnel.

  1. Medical Website Bios

Medical Headshots are also used for website Bios. Medical Bios is the perfect way of finding the necessary doctors online. This information is available on the websites of hospitals and medical institutions.

Headshots mean more than one could think when it comes to medical Bios since they allow website visitors to easily find the desired medical staff in person.

People's lives depend on medical personnel so it's better for patients if they can connect the faces with Bios details.

  1. Social Media Profiles

Social media aren't exclusively used by the younger population for fun purposes. People as serious as medical staff use social media like LinkedIn for instance to communicate with others.

Patients and clients may want to search for the doctors and other medical personnel on such profiles for further inquiry. Headshots can play a significant role here, as they allow patients to get connected with medical staff.

  1. Print Marketing

Medical marketing is important as it helps people in need get in touch with medical personnel and desired medical products.

Headshots are used for easier recognition of practices and medical institutions. Moreover, medical print marketing includes business cards, brochures, postcards, and many more elements where headshots come in handy.

  1. Medical Speaker Engagements

Physician hearings and speaking engagements are important for the entire medical industry. Physicians always discuss crucial health concerns at these speaking engagements and headshots are required.

For a more lucrative speaking engagement, headshots are crucial elements of presenting the medical staff to the audience.

  1. E-mail Signatures

It's out of the highest concern for public health that patients can reach and communicate with doctors and surgeons.

E-mail signatures, therefore, help the medical staff connect with patients and they include just a few crucial elements. Among these elements, there are specializations, urgent telephone numbers, website information, and headshots.

So, headshots may not be of crucial importance in the medical industry, but they are highly desirable elements and means of connectivity.



Why Is it Important To Have Consistency In Headshots Throughout Your Company?
Over the years, we've all seen a fair share of discussions on whether the consistent company headshots truly matter. In a large corporation, the consistency of company headshots rises to the next level for several factors.
Having compatible headshots could greatly improve the way other businesses consider your company. So, to unveil the complete significance, we'll go over these factors and other crucial points of having headshot consistency.
Accordant headshots truly aid in corporate culture
When it comes to headshot consistency, they come with greater significance than what initially seems. Reasons are many, so the best starting point is to question why businesses even go over your company headshots.
So, why is it important to have consistency in headshots throughout your company?

In general, most visitors to your company site will want to get to know the leadership team and about the company. On the other hand, interested parties will want to know about the mission and goals of the business.

For all these reasons, it's crucial to have the headshot consistency to make a solid first impression. If the headshot background and lighting are consonants, it's more likely that you'll make a positive and professional first impression.
Moreover, consistent headshots can be used in bios to create insight into the company's foundation.
Another crucial reason is that the headshots' consistency reflects the corporate culture. Namely, if the headshots of the leadership team and company' management are accordant, it makes the company stand out as a brand.
Headshot consistency has a great influence on marketing over social media
Besides the reasons based on the company reputation, there's another side to consistent company headshots. These days, large corporations often attempt marketing and promotion over social media. Leadership team members and employees mostly use LinkedIn, Twitter, and other marketing services. Therefore, businesses could only benefit from taking steps to ensure the corporate headshots' consistency. This aspect of corporate culture improves the overall message of the company. It tells others you're a team of professional individuals on a task for mutual benefit. It also represents the alignment of the entire leadership team. Additionaly, it improves the sensations of reliability and trust in your company. With all these aspects, it's easy to conclude how big the influence of consistent headshots is for social marketing. The company stands out as a brand and gives the impression that partners will be looking for. Social marketing boosted by accordant headshots can also benefit the promotion of company services. Ultimately, the company headshots consistency does a great favor for the business in marketing, trustworthiness, and corporate unity.



Are you in the process of restructuring your business? or looking for growth? Appearance is everything! Therefore, updating your website profile as well as your social media is a crucial component. Part of your website or social profile is your picture and your profile picture may not be conveying what you need it too. Maybe your employees/company staff photos also need to be revamped. It's why we're advising you on why you want to have the best profile picture as well as gain consistency of your images throughout your business website, social media, plus marketing materials. 

Your photo must lead the viewer into a sense of trust, integrity and professionalism. Not to forget, confidence and people friendliness. All of which you want to convey to the viewer, immediately! The same applies to the rest of your colleagues' images. When you ensure that everyone is groomed well, in the same manner and dressed in the proper attire will speak volumes about your business overall in a positive way. 

Take a look at examples of how the right profile pictures can look and how they carry image consistency throughout. All faces display in the same size or relatively close. The backgrounds, are the same in every category. The law firm backgrounds are grey, the physician's are blue and the financial institution's are a warm brown. The clothing for the law firm and financial institution is business attire and physicians all have a white lab coats. The only exception is the the real-estate example. The consistency is shown in that they are all outdoor images with greenery in the background and they all have teal in their clothing to bring the images together.

We recommend that you review your website images for consistency and that they convey confidence and friendliness etc. If you find that you lack in some of these areas, consider updating for a more organized look. Fill out the form in the home page and we will contact you to schedule your headshot photo session. 


Law Firm Sample


Physician Sample


Financial Institution Sample


Real-Estate Sample 



We've all heard that we should have our headshot taken professionally. I think most of us would agree. It is a good idea. A well captured headshot shows you're taking your career serious and invokes professionalism. However, consider how your headshots is edited if edited at all. How do you want your headshot to appear when someone looks at YOU on their computer monitor via social media, company website or conference presentation? My guess is you want to look your best, Right? Right... You don't want pimples on your face, blotchy skin tone or bags under your eyes. Lets be honest... That just wouldn't be portraying the best of you. I strongly recommend you don't compromise your image. Your headshot should look professional, intelligent, confident and friendly. In my opinion, the right editing process can and most often times improve an image. The right editor will produce a clean, crisp, rejuvenated image that looks like you. When looking for a photographer for your next headshot, remember editing does matters very much. Time is precious. Don't waste your time or money. Get yourself a skilled photographer and editor to take your headshot image and your results will likely be quality.

Tampa Headshots has much experience shooting headshots for individuals and large corporations, plus 20 years experience editing images. Over the years, this experience has allowed us to develop a process that is favorable to our customers. If you are form the Tampa bay area or surrounding cities, Sarasota, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, etc, consider using us for your next headshot/s.

Visit our home page, fill out the online form and we will contact you to schedule your headshot session.

See some samples of before and after headshots below.


Before After




Investing in a professional headshot photographer to capture your corporate headshot is a smart decision. The corporate headshot portrays professionalism. For those looking to land a new job, it shows that you are proactive in preparing yourself for success in the business world. It will likely be the first way your potential new employer or new clients will see you. You've heard the the saying, "you only get one chance to make a first impression". So make sure you get it right in your headshot.


Investing in a professional headshot photographer to capture your corporate headshot is a smart decision. The corporate headshot portrays professionalism. For those looking to land a new job, it shows that you are proactive in preparing yourself for success in the business world. It will likely be the first way your potential new employer or new clients will see you. You've heard the the saying, "you only get one chance to make a first impression". So make sure you get it right in your headshot.

There are many thing to consider when preparing for your headshot. In this blog I will cover 3 thing individuals often overlook when preparing for their headshot session.



You wouldn't believe how many people fall in this category. Make sure at at least your top is wrinkle free. I say top because headshots are from usually shot from the chest up, so your top is the important area to maintain wrinkle free.

a. The collar is the usual culprit for women. Lots of tops for women are soft in fabric and can sometimes be a bit flimsy. Keep an eye on those types of tops. If you can's get them to cooperate, go with a different blouse.

b. The big one for men is they often wait until last minute to prepare and come to find they don't have a clean shirt to wear. So they run to the store before their session and purchase one. It's great to have a brand new, never worn shirt, but the problem is that there's  usually creases on the them from being folded. It tends to show pretty obviously in a photo. Guys, make some time to pick out a shirt early enough so you have time to iron out those creases.

c. Blazers get wrinkle too. Many are not pressed, look worn or just simply wrinkled.
Make sure your blazer is fitted or tailored to your body. Wearing a blazer larger than you will cause it to bunch up or create waves on it. Wearing a small blazer may not allow you to button it and you will not allow you to get the nice V shape in the chest area for your headshot image.

Flimsy Collar

New Shirt Crease

Large Baggy Blazer


2.   Lint on clothing
This is probably the most overlooked of all. Imagine, you spent a good amount of time getting ready for your session, you're looking super sharp and professional but your blazer has lint and fine hairs scattered all over. This situation is a real bummer. We should strive to keep an overall clean and sharp look. When wearing dark clothing especially blazers, make sure you remove all the lint. Blazers seem to attract lint like a magnet. Bring a lint brush to your headshot session and worry no more.

Lint On Blazer


3.   Hair
This one affects mostly women. She arrives thinking her hair is the same as when she left the house. Unfortunately, the hair has moved and is no longer in place. This can really be a problem if there is no hair dresser available. It's a good idea to always bring a brush and a small mirror that you can fit in your purse to touch up stubborn areas. Another option is to schedule your session in your home. In your home you have access to all your makeup, hair tools, and wardrobe. I did not post any pictures for this one because I do not want to offend anyone.

There are many more things to consider when preparing for your headshot session. These are just three of the most overlooked in my experience as a headshot photographer. Pay close attention to these three mentioned above to help you get a headshot image that looks good and portrays a smart, professional and successful individual.





In all my time as a headshot photographer I have never taken a headshot of a person that has a perfect face or skin. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone is perfectly unique as individuals and that's a beautiful thing, but what I mean is, we all have some type of flaw on our face like, pimples, blemishes, age spots, scars, lazy eyes, wrinkles, moles etc. Things that sometimes we wish we didn't have to display in our photos for others to see. If anyone reading this blog is reluctant to have their headshots taken for reasons mentioned above or other. I want to let you know that all the things mentioned can be remedied. With over 20 years of experience editing images, I've picked up a many tricks and editing skills that help diminish or eliminate many types of "flaws".
Recently, I took a headshot of a guy that had reconstructive surgery. Half or part his face lost the ability to move. Obviously, taking a picture while smiling looked very odd. Half his face smiled and the other half was serious. You can understand why a person like him wouldn't want his headshot taken. So he sought me out to help him with this problem on his headshot. Let me just say up front, this dude is a great guy, funny, confident, determined, very freindly and when I first met him I couldn't even tell he had this issue. It was when he smiled that it was a bit noticeable. It was my extreme pleasure to help him with his headshot. Image of him posted to the right.
I also added a few images below of common issues so you can see what is possible. In conclusion, I want to incourage you to not let small "flaws" or big ones stop you from having your headshot taken if you need one. Just make sure that your photographer has good experience in editing and can adjust according to your situation. At Tampa Headshots giving our customers great quaility headshots is what fuels us. I love seeing the joy and contentment along with hearing the gratitude extended to us because MY CUSTOMERS LOVE THEIR HEADSHOTS.


Red race


Red in face removed


Red face

No jacket & tie


Red dimished

Jacket & tie added



Lazy eye on right



Lazy eye adjusted

Chin more defined

Neck slimmed



For many, a business headshot is their signature; Whether a business is in the creative industry, service industry or corporate, your headshot will be seen through various outlets and media sources. A photo that will represent your business can turn away a potentially profitable opportunity, just as well as it can attract the perfect client. Here are 3 reasons why your business headshot is bad.

For many, a business headshot is their signature; Whether a business is in the creative industry, service industry or corporate, your headshot will be seen through various outlets and media sources. A photo that will represent your business can turn away a potentially profitable opportunity, just as well as it can attract the perfect client.  Here are 3 reasons why your business headshot is bad.



1. Your expression and eyes appear tired

Not preparing for your photo shoot may result in sloppy images. Always be sure to schedule your photo shoot in times where your list of things to do is not too long. This way you have time to prepare, your mood is good and you're not overwhelmed about all of the things going on in your mind which can ultimately reflect in your images. Getting enough sleep the night before is the best practice.


2. Your clothes attract more attention than your face

Clothing should enhance not distract. Ask your photographer. Asking the experts can be very useful to getting the best headshot possible.  A question to ask; what colors do you recommend I wear? However, when asking about what-to-wear, I would refer you to an expert wardrobe consultant/stylist.  Apply the same principal to makeup.


3. Your headshot is overly edited or has no editing at all

Photo editing is also part of the work that goes into imaging. Most photographers do provide is basic skin corrections and teeth whitening, at least.  Keep in mind when you're shopping around, a headshot photographer should have photo editing experience using software such as Photoshop. As the owner of Tampa headshots, I have 20 years of editing experience. In these times, editing is a very important factor in defining bad or good photos. Sometimes the editing service could raise the cost of purchasing your images, but can be worth your investment.    


During one of my shoots a client expresses to me that they think the older generation prefers traditional headshots and the younger generation is drawn to modern style headshots. Of course, it was a personal opinion but it got me to wondering if it had any merit. So, I decided to research a little and pull from my past experiences. Hopefully, this will help some that may be struggling a bit with deciding which type of headshot to go with.


First, let me distinguish the difference between the two, Traditional and Modern Corporate Headshots
Traditional corporate headshot are normally taken in a studio setting. Artificial lighting is used to light the subject. A backdrop is placed behind the subject and come in various colors, usually has some type of cloudy design. The pose is pretty consistent, 45 degree angle, good posture and look at the camera. Modern corporate headshots are taken in natural surroundings. In my case usually outdoors with natural lighting, but can be done indoors, with natural or artificial lighting. There is no real structure for this type of headshot. It's more spontaneous and you just work with your subject and location to capture a great image.


After my quick online research, I found many describing traditional corporate headshots as boring, stale, stiff, the old way or forced. Modern headshots were described as fun, engaging and dynamic. Online there is good mix of new and older genertaion taking advantage of both styles. In my photography, the younger generation most often choose the modern style. Oddly, while doing my research I didn't find any real good explanations as to why. Nevertheless, here's my take.


Most Traditional Headshots are of well-dressed and well groomed individuals. To me they give a sense of being an organized, structured, and professional company. The word consistent also comes to mind when I see a large company that has matching headshots on their website. Although, I have to agree that traditional headshots lack some in personality and character. It doesn't mean the headshots can't be pleasant, friendly and approachable. A confident smile goes a long way. Perhaps, this is good because it keeps the focus on the business and their reputation to getting the job done.


Modern headshots are similar in that they're both well dressed, well groomed and look professional. An advantage over the traditional is that they show individuality and personality. In a world where competition is everywhere this type of headshot can give edge over the next guy. The key is to look confident, friendly and smart. I believe this type of headshot is good because it's more personal, natural, visually appealing and more relatable to the public.


In the end, both types of headshots are good and there's no real preference by either generation. In my opinion, traditional headshots work well for large corporate businesses. The look of organized, structured, and professionalism makes me feel that I can do business them and they will be consistent in giving me results. On the other hand, modern headshots are perfect for small businesses, social networks like linkedin or Google+. Maybe, your company has a small footprint and few employees. Appealing to the public with your unique warm, welcoming character may just be what keeps your potential customer from moving on to the next website. If you really have a hard time choosing... why not get one of each and use them where they fit best.


Tampa Headshots answers basic beginner questions regarding headshots. Questions like... What is a headshot? What is a headshot used for? How many images do I need? What should I wear?


I've received some inquiries from young ladies and men alike that want to give the modeling/acting career a try. Of course, they have questions about headshots and comp cards. Questions like... What is a headshot? What what are they used for? How many do I need? Basic questions that many have when starting out. So I decided to make this blog addressing some of these basic beginner questions.


First let's start out with... What is a headshot?

A headshot is a photograph of your face. The image should try to capture your character and what you truly look like. Which means go light on the makeup. You want your images to show the best natural looking you.

Also, consider the cropping of your photos. I've seen really tight close up shots, cropped at the head, and from the chest up. My preference is from the chest up. I feel showing from the chest and above gives agents and their clients a little more insight to more than just your face. This is especially true for actor headshots because they normally only use one image (a headshot) on the comp card versus models that get to show more of themselves with multiple photos on the back of the card.


Cropped head


Chest and up


What is a headshot used for?
A Headshot is used as an actor/model's business card. Normally 8" x 10" in size and printed on thick glossy card stock. Actors/Models give these cards to their agents and agents use them to submit to their clients in order to book work.


How many images do I need?

There are two types of headshots: commercial and theatrical



Commercial headshots should convey a feeling of being friendly, happy, attractive and approachable. You should smile and show your teeth in these photos.


Theatrical headshots are more serious. They show your character and personality. Take these without smiling.


If you are a guy. You should have headshots showing a cleaned shaved face as well as additional headshot with a short trimmed and groomed beard.


What do I wear to my headshot session?

Keep it simple. Wear solid colors. Textures are fine. Try to avoid white or black unless wearing it underneath your main clothes. White can sometimes be challenging to photograph because it is easy to wash out. Meaning it can become too bright in the photo and black can become really dark. Try colors that bring out your eyes. Ultimately, wear colors that look good on you and make you feel great. Your positive attitude will show in the pictures resulting in great images.

I hope this information is helpful. I do want to stress that if you are going into the modeling/acting career, it is very important to have a great headshot. Ask a paid working actor/model. It really is your foot in the door.

If you guys have any questions, please comment below. If there are any topics you would like me to blog about also comment below. I'm always looking for a good subject to blog about.


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Morgan Auto Group Charity Polo Classic. A Polo event benefiting three children charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children's Cancer Center and the Children's Dream Fund. These organizations are all amazing and do great things for kids. I snapped a few photos to give an inside look at this very fun event.

All the tables had gift bags filled with wine bottles and more.

There were many food vendors and plenty of tasty treats.

















If you like or would like to help children along with watching a great game of Polo, dressing up, mingling, networking, eating and having a few drinks... this event is for you.  Even better... consider sponsoring.


I had never attended a real Polo game before and seeing the size and strength of the horses and how the riders handle them at very fast speeds was really impressive.



The divots stompping seemed to be one of the best moments in this event. Half-way through the game, most made their way out into the field to stomp divots while sipping on champagne served from the back of two Ford pickup trucks.




As you can see everyone was having a great time. It was great to see such support for these charities. I hope to make it back again next year.

If you attended this event and are interested in any of these pictures or want to see more click here to see more images. Contact me through my website on how to aquire any images taken by Tampa Headshots.



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