What to Wear

What you wear on your photo shoot plays an important factor in how your image is portrayed.  Therefore; here are some tips to help you prepare:

For Women

  • When considering clothing choices texture can be terrific.  
  • Avoid baggy clothing.  Your clothes should fit properly and balanced so that you don't appear frumpy
  • Jeweled and dark colors work best on most skin tones such as red, purple, blue, green and black. Ivory is also a great choice for women.  When in doubt, choose a hue that complements your eyes & hair color.  
  • For headshots bring at least 2 tops/shirts. Try a variety of necklines. You will not have to wear them all, but it's better to have more options than not enough.
  • Children and teens are often times preferred to be seen in layering pieces with cardigans, button down shirts, light weight jackets and blazers.
  • Avoid loud prints.
  • If your photos consist of full body shots, apply the same guidelines to your dresses. Pants or skirts should be proportionate to the tops.  But, do wear a garment that makes you feel attractive.
  • Do not, over compensate by wearing deep plunge necklines, cut outs or micro-minis. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Ladies, who prefer a fantastic pair of heels to complete your outfit, bring an extra pair of flats you can walk with. 
For Men
  • Regarding colors, same as above.
  • Layering is wonderful; for example: collared shirts and blazers, t-shirts and light jackets. 
  • Thermals, crew necks and V-necks are a good choice of shirts.
  • Complement the top half with flat front pants, trousers or clean cut jeans.
  • Wear matching dress or casual shoes in case full body shots will be taken.
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